Hart Impressions... The Cross and the Crown - Bracelet - John 19
Hart Impressions... The Cross and the Crown Bracelet - Up close and personal - John 19Hart Impressions... The Cross and the Crown - Full Bracelet - John 19Hart Impressions... The Cross and the Crown - Full length Bracelet straight up - John 19Hart Impressions... The Cross and the Crown... Bracelet dark except for the Cross - Luke 23

A Cross and a Crown



Lost Wax Cast, Sterling Silver…

At the cross with a crown of life Bracelet


From palms to thorns
and thorns to a crown.
At the cross with Jesus…
an eternal kingdom & life.

20 Therefore many of the Jews read this inscription,
for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city;
and it was written in Hebrew, Latin and in Greek. 
(John 19)

… for us all to see.

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because,
having stood the test, that person will receive
the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”
(James 1:12)

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Product Description

At the cross with a crown of life…


Handcrafted, Lost Wax Cast, Sterling Silver, and God’s Word inspired Bracelet

(with a large cross, a crown, & eight links with toggle clasp ~ mostly all made via lost wax process)



Welcome to Hart Impressions!

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All of the jewelry pieces, at Hart Impressions, are made with sterling silver (unless otherwise noted), handcrafted, personally designed, God’s Word inspired, and almost always… one-of-a kind.  Much of it is made by a process called “Lost Wax Casting”, and as the name implies– it starts with wax.  Different types of molds have to be made in order to duplicate the desired object. By the end, what started with wax, then cast in sterling silver (or bronze, etc)… are now transformed into an exact replica of the original wax object.

The material used to cast each piece in sterling silver (etc.) is called Investment (& that it is) and it looks like a batter of plaster.  The investment, once all the bubbles are out, is poured over the wax charm[s] that are positioned in a flask (metal cylinder) to a sprue or a sprue tree (wax sticks or a wax tree).  The sprues hold the charms in place.  Once the investment has hardened, and to the pattern of the charm, pendant, etc., all the wax has to be removed in order to achieve a clean mold that’s ready for the molten metal (sterling) to be poured.  Enter- the kiln.  So when the heat rises, the wax “gets lost”, making it “Lost Wax”.  Now- the mold is ready to have the hot sterling silver poured, then cooled, hardened, excess filed off, tumbled, polished, and ready for the last finishing touches.  “Finally!”

This may sound like a fast and easy process, but it is anything but.  I have provided a very short and inconclusive summary, and have not even discussed all of the equipment, supplies, gear, etc., that is needed to achieve this craft.  It’s been said that this process dates back to around the 3rd millennium.  “I believe them!”

My teenage daughter also enjoys designing, but she likes to mix it up a bit.  She uses pewter (which looks a lot like oxidized sterling, but less expensive) and pairs it with the sterling, to make beautiful pieces at less of a cost – to you and me.  (Sounds good, doesn’t it?)  Her pieces can be purchased where “Hannah’s Hart” is displayed.

“Thank you” for stopping at Hart Impressions!   “God Bless you!”


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